Humanising Workers Compensation

At Framework, we focus on humanising injury management. We've developed a unique model of injury management that allows our employer clients to maintain and enhance their relationships with their workers which, in turn, has very positive commercial implications. We believe that injury management provides employers with a portal through which they can demonstrate how much they care about their team. We understand that mistakes and injuries are inevitable, because people are fallible, but this same fallibility provides opportunities for learning and enrichment of relationships.

Our approach is to value people and relationships more than process. Our goal is to facilitate recovery and prevention in the context of learning. In fact, we have learnt that by humanising injury prevention and management, we can impact an organisation in a powerful way that can permeate and enhance the culture.

We know that workers compensation presents many challenges, some predictable and many that are not. We don’t promise predictability but we can help you to enhance your organisation’s resilience with respect to injuries.

We believe it is possible to look after your staff before and after an injury in a way that improves morale, gives you back time in your day and also saves you money.  To find out more click here.


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We’re proud of our unique approach that challenges much of the conventional wisdom in the workers compensation world.

We also recognise that no two businesses are alike and we know we work best when we get to understand you and your business personally. We’d prefer to start talking directly, sooner rather than later, to really understand your needs. If you want to find out more call 1300 661 296 or email

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