It is always a pleasure working with James Ellis and his team at Framework Group. While consistently demonstrating a high level of professionalism, attention to detail and knowledge, Framework Group work proactively with employers to not only prevent injuries but to assist injured workers in getting their lives back and therefore reducing overall claims and premium costs. Their collaborative approach, positive attitude, commitment and ability to "think outside the box" are exactly the qualities we value highly at CEM. Jaclyn Deane, Account Manager, Club Employers Mutual Limited
Jaclyn Deane - Agent - Club Employers Mutual

Framework Partnership Program

A Partnership in learning

The Framework Partnership Program is a culmination of many years of learning in workplace injury rehabilitation.  We have come to understand that the existing system creates secondary disability and undermines relationships within workplaces.  We have developed an alternative that is anchored to organisational learning.

The Partnership Program addresses the key principles of injury management: early intervention and respectful relationships between workers, employer and insurer. Framework Group balance the complexities of facilitating these relationships and ensuring that everyone works well together in a streamlined, proactive approach that supports organisational learning.  The partnership in learning approach provides a portal through which an organisation can enhance their organisational culture. We can’t promise an overnight transition but rather, an iterative approach that develops, enhances and maintains effective working relationships over the medium to longer term.

Fortunately, good outcomes for injured workers coincide with significantly reduced costs to the employer and insurer. In the transition period of 12-24 months it is common for us to see claims costs and premiums reduce significantly.

Framework Group provides support directly to injured workers and their supervisors who are empowered to better understand and manage injuries.

Supervisors often feel uncomfortable managing injured staff so Framework Group embraces a supporting role.  We also support the management team by providing claims management advice at policy level and on a claim by claim basis.  This support extends to establishing and maintaining a respectful working relationship with the Workers Compensation agent/insurer and with key service providers.

The Framework Partnership Program is proving that an energetic, well-informed and respectful approach to injury management improves organisational culture and helps employees and supervisors reclaim some control, and also saves a lot of time and a lot of money.

To be honest however,  the transition isn’t always easy and doesn’t occur overnight. It involves commitment from your management team, relationship building with your insurer, education and support of your supervisors and team leaders and ongoing conversations throughout your organisation.

It isn’t easy but it is worthwhile and rewarding.

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Framework Partnership Program Services

  • Integrated claims and injury management
  • Early intervention injury management
  • Injury management policy development and implementation
  • RTW management and coordination
  • Workers Compensation premium health check
  • Mediation and Conflict resolution
  • Weekly benefits and reimbursement calculation & coordination